Russian-American pro-Trump group temporarily disappears from Facebook

The incident took place amid growing concerns that conservative voices are being censored and removed from social medial platforms.

Alex Pushkin, admin of Russian-speaking Americans for Trump 2020, announced on Tuesday that the 15K-member group had disappeared from Facebook.

“Somehow today, just now, the group disappeared from Facebook without any warnings, emails or notifications. The group is no longer accessible on Facebook. I don’t know what to do, this is not right,” said Pushkin in a video recording on his personal Facebook page.

The group reappeared less than 24 hours later. In a follow-up video published in the group on Wednesday, Pushkin thanked members for offering support. According to the admin, one of the group’s moderators was able to get it reinstated.

In a new post on Friday, Pushkin revealed that the suspension was content related:

As you know the group sustained a suspension a few days ago, which was primarily caused by the content, which members shared on group’s timeline. After several conversations with Facebook, we were able to restore the group, but we are on a watchlist, and can be removed again anytime. Please don’t post anything unethical or unverified.

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